getting creative

I’d been saying for quite sometime that I wanted to do a Creative Writing course, so for 2010 I’ve decided to stop thinking about it and just do it. I’ve been to a couple of classes so far and it’s going quite well. Tucked into a room just off Bloomsbury Square, I’ve been learning all about avoiding clichés, using metaphors, and quite simply getting words on paper. The couple of homework assignments we’ve been given so far have been somewhat challenging, but fun too. The first was to write a piece of prose using the concept of senses to describe an emotion. Here’s my attempt:


The repulsive stench of rot poisons the clean air

And a sickly taste rises to the back of the throat

There’s a click as the trigger is pulled into place

Then a piercing siren breaks the silence: relentless and high-pitched

It stings the brain

Week two was all about using metaphors; we were given two words and had to use descriptions of the first one to portray the second. This is what I came up with:


The museum is a laboratory:

Hygienic and clinical

Its cabinets are lined with surgical instruments

Some of the artefacts are polished and glistening

Others are decayed, rotting

The museum is open to anyone,

But the atmosphere can be uncomfortable

There’s an uneasy feeling of what might take place

Within its wide mouth

Inside, technicians in long overalls

Expose a trained eye for their craft

Extractions and fillings occur:

Implanting hard bony structures,

And flushing out unwanted impurities.

The museum is a private encounter,

It may leave you feeling numb

It’s certainly good to have something different to fill the mid-week lull, and with another 8 classes left to go I hope to have a lot more work to show soon.


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