the kyoto garden

Beyond open fields where children play noisily,

Past a patch of pigs, and through a tunnel of trees,

There’s a haven in the heart of Holland Park,

A colourful corner for contemplation,

Away from the chaotic capital.

Where the familiar roar of the road is replaced

By the sound of birds singing and a rushing waterfall,

The calming clunk of a water feature,

As it fills and empties.

In the centre, a figure-of-8 pond,

Reflects the traffic light trees above,

Ducks splash happily on the water,

While large fish swim within,

And further down,

A well-full of wishes glisten in the sunshine.

Squirrels so tame, approach inquisitively,

A robin flits freely amid fragrant flowers,

Pigeons perch on branches

Too thin for their well-fed weight.

At times, a pair of peacocks parade the garden,

Posing for pictures from excited passersby.

Wooden benches offer a reflective rest stop;

A student, with her head in a textbook,

Sits quietly beside a mother and child,

A tourist admires the foaming falls,

From a stepping stone walkway.

A low-flying plane overhead,

Is the only reminder

Of the position of this peaceful place.


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