north end road street market

On a Saturday morning up North End

The roar of trade can be heard all around

“Just look at the size of these melons”

“Get two of ‘em for just a pound”

There are stalls selling all sorts of treasures

From net curtains to crisp curly kale

Red peppers gleam in the sunshine

Like precious rubies for sale

People queue along the pavement

To stock up on veg for the week

Eagerly parting with shiny pound coins

In exchange for a dish full of leeks

The local shops and takeaways thrive

Cashing-in on all the commotion

Even Hell tries to lure people in

With a tempting pizza promotion

By late afternoon, the street is much calmer

As the last of the trade drifts away

The sellers pack up their barrows, leave

And then do it all again the next day


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