open spaces and unique places

You’ll have noticed there’s a theme to my recent pieces of writing, which I’m calling Open Spaces and Unique Places: A Poetic Review of West London. You can expect a lot more of the same as I continue to build up my collection. Here’s my most recent work:

Brompton Cemetery

The central walkway is a backbone,

Through the body of the cemetery.

A ribcage of footpaths point outwards,

Shielding mausoleum organs within.

Hundreds of graves, packed in like cells,

Form the building blocks of a life, now past.

Some are decaying, others nearly new,

But each one an individual.

The heart is a domed chapel,

Resembling a lifeline, around which

A steady flow of walkers and cyclists,

Are like blood pumping through old veins.

Long, limb-like brick colonnades

Stretch out around the Great Circle.

Grass that has grown tall and straggly,

Is like an unkempt hairdo, in need of a trim.

Overhead, dense grey clouds

Act as a warm woollen blanket;

Comforting a sleepy mortal,

Who is dead to the world.


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