haikus part 2

Here are some haikus inspired by my recent pieces on London:

Margravine Cemetery

Next to sinking graves

Grey squirrels flirt playfully

With lone passersby

Hammersmith Bridge

Over calm water

A red bus stands prominent

Amid gold and green

Kyoto Garden

What a pleasant place

While underneath big fish swim

Ducks splash happily

The garden at the Colton Arms

Over the small yard

A canopy of roses

Scents the cool night air

Richmond Park

People all around

Cycling, jogging, sunbathing

Deer watch from afar

North End Road street market

Saturday morning:

People queue along the street

Fruit and veg mayhem

Brompton Road Cemetery

A backbone walkway

To the heart, a domed chapel

Graves packed in like cells

The marina at Chelsea Harbour

Just off Thames River

A wealthy man’s boating lake

Fancy yachts ahoy


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