the back garden at the dove

At the back of the Dove pub, in the small, sheltered garden, an old-fashioned lamppost provides a warm ambience, as an array of punters chatter over a mid-week drink. A spiral staircase leads to a raised seating area, from where resplendent river views can never fail to impress. To the left, the bright lights of the Hammersmith Bridge reflect a rippling rainbow of colours onto the water. Thick pink clouds are barely visible in the rapidly darkening sky; every so often, like a flashlight, an aeroplane’s beam emerges from deep within. Over on the opposite bank, stumpy trees stand in silhouette behind a multitude of houseboats. From one such boat, a Union Jack flies high, fluttering gently in the warm night air. In the other direction, the shadowy river stretches out towards the horizon, where, out of the blue, a fireworks display glitters in the summer sky.  What an inspiring place to enjoy a pint of Pimm’s after an uninspiring workday!


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