the walled garden in ravenscourt park

An ornate gate opens up to a stone pathway,

That winds around a walled garden,

Where well-kept rosebushes reside beside wild flowers

And tall thistles, that sway gently in the breeze,

Like hundreds of purple-headed people looking in.

A circular centre-piece in the very middle,

Houses a small concrete pedestal awaiting a statue,

And all around it, lashings of lavender

Attracts a host of bumblebees and butterflies,

Ladybirds and old ladies.

Brick columns form a ring around the centre;

Up which thick rose stems entwine themselves,

And spread out along the wooden beams above.

At the edges of the garden are wooden shelters,

Snapped up for a spot of shady seclusion,

And to one side, beyond a thick wall of holly,

Children can be heard playing in the park,

Oblivious to the picturesque setting,

That’s only a stone’s throw away.


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