life’s a beach

The beach stretches out ahead,
As far as the eye can see,
A bucketful of childhood dreams,
A flock of fantasies.

Summer sunshine warms the sand;
Soft between bare toes,
People come and people go,
Rocky patches ebb and flow.

Breakwaters, like milestones,
Stand out along the coastline,
Weathered from the daily grind,
Children playing by their side.

The sea recedes in waves of grey,
Wet sand is left all wrinkly,
Beach huts stand in disrepair,
Their peeling paint all crinkly,

All too soon the end’s in sight,
It’s easy looking back to see,
A different path, a safer route,
But too late now, regretfully.

And as the sun sets on this day,
It’s hard to understand,
How a shell so frail and fragile,
Ends up buried in the sand.


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