what is love?

A sweet taste on the tongue, like melted milk chocolate.

A chilled glass of white after a long day at work.

A candlelit bubble-bath, slow songs on the stereo.

A full moon beaming amid a million shimmering stars.

Waking up early, and then realising it’s a Saturday.

Being snuggled up in bed listening to the rain outside.

The beauty of nature, and the fragility of life.

Crocuses signalling the first sign of spring.

Daisies dotted in fresh green grass.

A full-on frog chorus, and ducklings afloat.

Birds singing on a sunny summer’s morning.

The high-pitched mew of an affectionate old cat.

An old song to trigger a time gone by.

The nostalgia of a well-worn childhood toy.

Memories of a holiday spent with someone special.

A magnificent golden sunset over the sea.


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