the garden

The tree is awash with blossom,

Daffodils dance in the breeze,

The lawn stretches out before me,

Like a lavish shag pile rug.

There are children playing next door,

Prompting thoughts of summers past:

Water fights and ball games,

My friend falling in the pond;

New Nike trainers, sodden.

Late night coffee on the patio,

Admiring the starry sky,

Cats prowling their territory,

In search of nocturnal fun.

Now, as I turn to leave, I notice

There’s paint peeling from the back door,

Weeds pushing through cracks in the path,

And the aviary, once a rainbow of feathers,

Stands empty like a derelict house.

The dirty shed window

Has a thick curtain of cobwebs.

I feel a drop of rain on my cheek,

And realise it’s time to move on


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