some more haikus for you

The flowerbed at West Ken station
Like a big bright lamp
On a small bedside table:
Sunflower power

August in the John Madejski garden
From the sky, falling
Like a thousand silver pins
Rain pierces water

An autumnal walk to the river
As conkers shimmer
Golden leaves cling to concrete;
Damp from dewy air

A walk in late October
Beneath misty moon
Trees cast skeleton shadows
Graves glow eerily

Remember, remember
Bonfire burning, flames
Flickering, sparklers spitting
Smoke swirling, curling

A Turkish tale
On Bosphorus banks
Tour guides’ chants fill salty air
Boat rides aplenty

Christmas in the capital
A red Routemaster:
Like the cherry on a cake
In white sugar-snow


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