where are the words?

I must apologise, once again, for my lack of written word on here of late. When I started this blog – about four years ago now – it was an outlet for my creative writing; if you scroll back far enough you’ll find post after post of poetry and prose.

However, more recently it has taken a turn towards imagery, and has become more of a themed photo blog. I really enjoy picking a subject – it all started with colours of the rainbow, and has since been anything from old cars to letters of the alphabet – and then roaming the streets until I find suitable scenes to capture on camera.

I do still write a bit, and since having a baby in April 2013, my main ramblings have been over on my Mum-to-Be blog (http://mumtobeblog.wordpress.com/), where I keep an online diary of the highs and lows of parenting. As well as this, I still try to find the time to write reviews for Weekend Notes (http://www.weekendnotes.co.uk/profile/206351/).

I do hope I find the time to do more creative writing in the near future, although for now you’ll have to make do with photographs as it’s an easier past-time to have with a baby!


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