barbie dreamtopia story ending

With two young children to look after, I don’t get a lot of time to write these days, but when I saw a competition on Netmums to write a 250 words (or less) ending to a Barbie story, I thought I’d give it a go. Sadly I didn’t win, but hey it’s the taking part that counts! Plus it gave me the opportunity to oil those writing cogs and get some creative juices flowing.

Here is the story that I had to write the ending to, and below it is my entry:

The Great Rainbow Fish Rescue

Chelsea, her puppy Honey and the junior Rainbow Princesses were playing hide and seek in Rainbow Cove. They were waiting for Barbie, who had transformed into a Rainbow Mermaid and was busy checking every swish and swirl of the colourful cloud seas.

‘Eight, nine, 10… ready or not, here I come!’ shouted the Red Princess and, stuck for somewhere to hide, Chelsea splashed through a rainbow and swam her way into a large sparkling cloud. All of a sudden she sank through the cloud and found herself in a beautiful secret garden.

The garden was magical, filled with shimmering coves, beautiful flowers and butterflies glistening in every colour of the rainbow. Chelsea couldn’t believe her eyes and forgot all about hiding as she swam through rainbow ponds and past lily pads in all kinds of bright colours. In the middle of the garden she could see a glittering rainbow waterfall, with mermaids swimming in the pool below.

The mermaids ducked and dived around the beautiful Rainbow Fish who lived in waters of Rainbow Cove. But as she swam closer, Chelsea saw something was wrong. The Rainbow Fishes’ wonderfully long, wavy tails weren’t glowing as brightly as usual and they floated around looking confused.

Whatever is the matter?’ Chelsea asked one of the fish.

‘The gold dust flakes we eat haven’t fallen from clouds in weeks,’ he replied. ‘Without it we lose our brightness, which powers the kingdom of Rainbow Cove. We can’t swim through rainbows or keep the Cove sparkling and bright without it. If we don’t get some soon the waterfalls could stop and the rainbow slides will fade. But the only person who’ll know why the gold dust flakes have stopped falling is the Cloud Keeper, and she lives far away, up above the clouds, higher than we can swim.’

Looking around Chelsea saw he was right. Rainbow Cove was beginning to look duller than usual. Chelsea sat down to try and think of a way to help. She was so preoccupied she hadn’t heard the other Rainbow Princesses shouting her name, until they swam through the special sparkling cloud and landed in the secret garden with a splash.

Chelsea explained why the Rainbow Fish were losing their brightness and all the princesses started talking at once. They each had a different idea for getting up above the clouds to talk to the Cloud Keeper. The Yellow Princess thought she could spin up to the sun but the Blue Princess argued it would be quicker if she built an icy bridge for them to climb. The Red Princess thought this would just make the poor fish cold.

‘Shhhh,’ said Chelsea, interrupting their argument. ‘I’ve got an idea.’ She may have been the youngest of all Princess Barbie’s sisters, but she was the bravest, and the most adventurous. ‘Do you think Barbie could conjure one of her rainbow skateboard ramps all the way up, beyond the clouds? We could ride behind her and find the Cloud Keeper,’ she said.

‘I could,’ said Barbie, arriving just in time (she had a knack of doing that!) ‘But it’s higher than any of us have ever ventured before. What if someone falls?’

‘We have no choice,’ said Chelsea bravely. ‘We must help the Rainbow Fish. If we all work together, I know we can do it.’

Chelsea and the Princesses watched as Barbie shot up, up into the air, creating a long twirling rainbow ramp as she went. At first they were scared to follow, but promising the Rainbow Fish they’d be back soon, they hopped on, and one by one spiralled into the clouds.

Higher and higher they climbed, until they soared through the last cloud. What they saw in front of them made them all stop and stare in amazement.

The Cloud Keeper was …

…completely bald!

‘Oh my goodness,’ cried Barbie, ‘whatever has happened to your beautiful hair?’ She reached up to her own head to make sure her pretty locks were still in place.

‘The evil Sky Witch shaved it all off while I was sleeping,’ whimpered the Cloud Keeper, ‘She’s using my hair to make spell-catchers, but without it I cannot send any gold dust down to Rainbow Cove.’

Barbie, Chelsea and the Princesses looked confused.

‘Everyday,’ the Cloud Keeper continued, ‘I use my magic Glitter-snippers to cut the ends of my hair. It’s how I create the gold flakes for the Kingdom below. But my hair is not growing fast enough. I don’t know what to do.’

Chelsea, however, knew exactly what to do. ‘Send our hair down instead!’ she squealed.

‘Great idea.’ exclaimed the Cloud Keeper, and without a moment’s hesitation, she picked up the Glitter-snippers. Within seconds, shimmering specks of gold started seeping through the clouds to the Cove below. Then Barbie and the Princesses had their hair snipped too.

‘That should be enough until my hair has grown’, said the Cloud Keeper, gratefully.

Later, when Chelsea and the others spiralled back down to Rainbow Cove, they could not believe their eyes. The Kingdom was shining brighter than it had ever done before. The rainbow fishes were splashing through rainbows and the mermaids were dancing through waterfalls.

‘Seems our work here is done,’ grinned Chelsea, ‘now I’d better go and find where Honey is hiding!’


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