a (new) Christmas Carol competition entry

Here’s my entry to this year’s Amazon Kindle competition:



There once was a little green budgie called Bella.  

She lived in a pretty white bird cage in the corner of a cosy first-floor living room with her human family, the Sheens 

Bella loved her cage, she had three wooden perches to flutter between, a little rope to swing on, and a special shiny mirror with a jingly bell attached 

Bella was a very lucky budgie, for her cage was right by a big window that overlooked a lovely green park.  

Bella could look out at the trees and birds and squirrels and passers-by, and there was always something interesting to see.  

But most of all Bella liked to watch what was going on inside the living room, and the comings and goings of her family 

There was Mummy and Daddy and their two children: Sherry who was five, and Otto who was two.  

Bella had lived with the Sheens since before Sherry was born and the little green budgie was proud to have watched her family grow.  

But recently Bella had grown concerned about Sherry’s naughty behaviour.  

In fact, Bella was very worried that Sherry was becoming a bit of a bully.  

It had started with Sherry picking on her little brother.  

Bella would watch from the corner in dismay as Sherry pushed Otto over or, when Sherry thought no one was looking, smack him on the leg or pinch his arm.  

Bella didn’t like this one little bit, and it didn’t end there.  

When Sherry was out in the park with her friends, Bella would watch out of the window and see Sherry pushing them or bossing them around.  

This made Bella very sad, for she had known Sherry since she was born, and hated seeing her turn from a nice natured little girl to a big bossy bully. 

Christmastime was coming and one day the Sheens brought home a big Christmas tree and put it up in the corner of the living room opposite Bellas cage.  

They decorated it with sparkly tinsel and twinkly fairy lights, and whenever Bella‘s cage door was open, she would fly over and nestle in the branches among the shiny baubles.  

Bella loved this time of year with all the bright colours, festive music and a real tree inside their home, but Sherry’s behaviour was still bothering Bella 

The budgie did not want Christmas to be ruined for the Sheens, but she knew that Santa would not deliver Sherry any presents unless she changed her ways (for as everybody knows, Santa keeps track of who’s been naughty and who’s been nice). 

A few days before Christmas Eve, Sherry was in the living room watching TV while her little brother napped.  

Suddenly she heard a commotion coming from Bella’s cage.  

Sherry looked over to see the little green budgie using her beak to raucously ring the bell that was attached to her special shiny mirror.  

Sherry went closer to her pet’s cage to see what all the noise was about.  

As she approached, Bella’s mirror suddenly lit up and started flashing in a way that Sherry had never seen before.  

Sherry could not believe her eyes, for there in the mirror’s reflection she could see her and Otto when they were much younger.  

Otto was a tiny cooing baby laying on a blanket and Sherry, who was three at the time, was kneeling beside him gently stroking his cheeks and holding his little hands.  

Sherry was surprised at how loving and kind she had once been towards her brother 

All they did now was fight, she thought.  

Just then, Bella jingled her bell again, and the scene in the mirror changed.  

The mirror was now showing Sherry a reflection of herself and her friends playing in the park.  

Sherry remembered it, as it was only the other day.  

Sherry watched herself as she bossed her friends about and even shoved one of them to the ground.  

Now that Sherry was viewing her behaviour, she could see that she wasn’t being a very nice person at all 

I’m not going to watch any more of this she thought to herself, and turned away from the cage.  

But before she could leave, Bella jingled the bell again and the mirror started to flash once more.  

Suddenly another image appeared, it was her brother Otto again.  

He seemed older this time and Sherry quickly realised it was a scene from the future, it hadn’t even happened yet 

Otto’s arm was in a plaster cast 

He looked very sad indeed.  

Sherry watched as her future self entered the scene and immediately Otto started crying and backing away from her, scared.  

Did I do this? Sherry asked shocked.  

She looked at her pet, but of course the budgie could not answer, for she was only a bird 

But Sherry did not need Bella to answer, she knew it was her who had hurt her brother and upset her friends.  

She felt very ashamed of herself and regretted all the times she had been mean to them. 

Over the next couple of days Bella noticed a big improvement in Sherry’s behaviour.  

She was actually being kind to her brother and playing really nicely with him.   

When Bella watched Sherry with her friends in the park they were laughing together and smiling, and there wasn’t any bossing around or pushing 

On Christmas Eve, Bella viewed from her cage as the two children eagerly hung their Christmas stockings on the fireplace ready for Santa to come.  

Bella was really proud of Sherry’s behaviour over the past couple of days, she really seemed to have learnt her lesson.  

But would it be enough to be back on Santa‘s ‘nice’ list 

Thankfully it was, for when Christmas morning arrived, both stockings were brimming with presents and the children had a wonderful Christmas together with their Mummy and Daddy and of course Bella the budgie!


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