80s nostalgia: 10 toys I owned and loved

In this, my second 80s nostalgia post, I’m thinking about childhood toys. As a kid, I remember having a lot of the classic toys that are remembered fondly from the era: The Big Yellow Teapot, Mr Frosty, Etch-a-Sketch, and every Fisher Price plaything imaginable (although I don’t think I ever got one of those Dairy Milk dispensers). Here are ten other toys that I remember playing with at the time:

1. Sweet Shop

A little sweet shop, with tiny jars full of real sprinkles and sugar (which didn’t last long)!

2. Cricket doll

This cumbersome doll, had a tape player in her back and her mouth and eyes moved along with the words and songs. I remember the mechanics of her mouth moving – along with the tape whirring – being SO loud, yet I loved playing with her and changing her outfits. She took about 8 chunky batteries to operate though!

3. View Finder

I remember having Postman Pat, and probably many more that I’ve forgotten.

4. My Little Pony babies

I loved My Little Pony and had many ponies. I also distinctly remember having this little nursery set, as well as the My Little Pony stable.

5. Muscle Men

Little tubs of different coloured muscle men characters – a bizarre thing to collect and love, but they were all the rage for a while and I had loads of them!

6. Sprite yo-yo

There were Coca-Cola and Fanta ones too, but I remember my yo-yo was a Sprite branded one during the craze.

7. Mini piano

I loved this teeny tiny piano and song book.

8. Fuzzy Felt

I enjoyed many an hour creating pictures with this stuff!

9. Keypers

As the jingle went… Keypers, Keypers, what’s inside those Keypers!

10. Sweet Secrets

Little lockets that transformed into a doll.


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