the micro adventures of Tabitha Peach

I recently entered a poetry competition with Micro Scooters and won! Here’s my winning entry:

The moment she tore off the paper,

On Christmas Day, two years ago,

The Micro Adventures of Tabitha Peach,

Began, and have never yet slowed.

The beloved 3- wheeler has torn round the park.

Too many times to count,

It’s hard to keep up; she goes so fast,

(Although she *never* gets worn out).

It’s loyally got her to pre-school,

When her weary legs won’t walk,

And to ballet class, and the coffee shop,

Oh, if only those wheels could talk!

But the greatest adventures of Tabitha Peach,

Happen inside of her mind,

When she whizzes to places only she sees,

Who knows what she might find.

Caves and jungles, or under the sea,

In her head, the world’s for the taking,

With her ribbons rippling, and her helmet secure,

There are Micro Memories in the making.


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