santa’s selfie – holiday contest

This was my second entry into Susanna Hill’s Holiday Contest last December. It was actually a reworked version of quite an old piece. It didn’t place anywhere or receive a mention, but I was proud of it nonetheless!

Santa’s Selfie

It’s the night before Christmas, the house is all quiet,

Mum and Dad are sound asleep… but wide awake is Violet.

She waits until she hears her dad, start to loudly snore,

Then up she leaps, out of her bed, and heads towards the door.


She tiptoes down the creaky stairs, as silent as can be,

She peeks out of the window – are those snowflakes she can see?

The garden path, it sparkles, where this evening she had spread

Some reindeer dust for Rudolph, so he knows just where to head.


She creeps beside the kitchen, where the Christmas food awaits,

The fridge is overflowing with nice things to fill their plates.

A turkey and potatoes, and lots of veg to eat,

A homemade Christmas pudding as an after-dinner treat.


Then Violet’s in the living room, all lit up by the tree,

Its fairy lights are twinkling bright, allowing her to see.

The tree is strewn with tinsel, with an angel up above,

Underneath are presents, all wrapped with care and love.


Her Christmas sack hangs by the fire, it still looks rather bare,

But Santa Claus will be here soon, with lots of gifts to share.

She knows he has not been yet, for laid out upon a tray,

Are mince pies, milk and carrots, to see Santa on his way.


She sits down on the sofa, pulls a blanket to her lap,

In her hand is Mummy’s phone, all poised to take a snap.

But next thing, she is waking up, to bright daylight outside,

How very sad poor Violet is, she really could have cried.


But then she sees her sack of gifts and cannot help but smile,

A story book, a tea-set, and a cuddly crocodile!

The mince pies, milk and carrots, are now nowhere to be seen,

But where they were is Mummy’s phone, with black soot on the screen.


She picks it up with wonder, and her eyes light up with glee,

A photo of the man himself – a Santa Claus selfie!

His round red face and big white beard, fill the tiny frame,

It is the best treat ever, to know Santa really came!

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