after the storm – #50preciouswords

Here is my entry to Vivian Kirkfield’s #50PreciousWords writing contest. The rules are simple: write a story for children in 50 words or under.

After the Storm (47 words)


Drops dripping,

Storm stewing,

Plops plipping,

Wind whipping,

Lightning lashing,

Rain raging,

Thunder thrashing,

Clouds crashing,

Sky scowling,

Heavens heaving,

Gust growling,

Storm slowing,

Drops… dripping,

Breeze blowing,


Clouds clearing,

Wind waning,

Sun shining,

Rainbow reigning,

Coats calling,

Boots bounding,

Soles splashing…


(The contest is open until 5th March over at if you fancy joining in!)

Update: the contest results were announced today and I’m thrilled to say I received an honorable mention for my story!

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