Grandad’s Burnt Toast – Spring Fling entry

Here is my entry to the Spring Fling Contest (the rules are to write a Spring inspired kids’ story in 150 words and add an accompanying gif):
Grandad’s home always smells of burnt toast, and today is no different.
But today he’s not here, and that is different.
We’re putting Grandad’s belongings into boxes.
Mum says I can choose something special to remember him by.
I can’t see anything special though, just Grandad’s old stuff…
In the living room, I find Grandad’s globe.
I remember him showing me the faraway places he’d been.
In the bedroom, I find Grandad’s blanket.
I remember him wrapping me up to look at the stars.
In the kitchen, I find Grandad’s scales.
I remember him weighing ingredients as we baked.
In the garden, I find a butterfly.
I remember Grandad saying butterflies made him think of Grandma.
I watch it flit through the spring blossom…
Until another one appears and they flutter away together.
Inside, Mum asks if I’ve chosen something special.
“Yes,” I say…
“I’ve chosen Grandad’s favourite toast rack.”


(gif location:

Update – the contest results have just been announced and I’m pleased to say I got an honourable mention for my entry!

9 thoughts on “Grandad’s Burnt Toast – Spring Fling entry

  1. Oh my goodness, this one got me! I still remember how my Grandpa burnt toast, then scraped off the black parts over the sink! Often you’d end up with a hole in the middle of your toast as a result. Grandparents are so special. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I still associate the smell of celery with my grandmother’s house. It’s wonderful how you used the sense of smell to evoke such a strong and loving memory for the narrator. Loved it!

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