The Mix ‘n’ Match Mini Writing Challenge – Week 2

For this week’s Mix ‘n’ Match Mini writing challenge, the prompt was to rewrite a nursery rhyme from a different point of view. I couldn’t resist having two attempts at this with a rewrite of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and Jack and Jill Went Up the Hill. Here’s what I wrote:

Star’s Reply
(87 words)

Little child, on Earth so round;
Sapphire sea and emerald ground,
Asks: “I wonder what you are?”
I’m a guide called the North Star,
Shepherds, kings and those who roam,
Use my light to show them home.
I’m the North Star, shining bright,
Biggest star you’ll see all night.
Up above your world so high,
I’m a compass in the sky.
When you’re lost, or feeling low,
Just look up and find my glow.
Little child, on Earth so round;
Sapphire sea and emerald ground.

Who’s to Blame?
(162 words)

“I am the lace, tied up with haste, that caused poor Jack to tumble.
So, I’ll take the blame, my bow was so lame, no wonder it caused a stumble…”

“I am Jack’s Mum, and I am the one, who tied up the lace so poor.
So, I’ll take the flack, for being too slack, all ‘cause of a knock at the door…”

“I am the fella, who rang the bell, a parcel addressed to young Jill.
So, I’ll take the rap, but it wasn’t a trap, just a present from old Uncle Bill…”

“I am young Jill, who asked Uncle Bill, to send me a dolly called Belle.
So, I am the reason, that Jack banged his knees on the ground, and his head on the well…”

“I am called Jack, I fell with a smack, just why it will never be known.
So, NO ONE’s to blame, and though it’s a shame, it gave me a rhyme of my own!”

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