The Mix ‘n’ Match Mini Writing Challenge – Week 4

For this week’s Mix ‘n’ Match Writing Challenge, the prompt was to chose a fairytale character and then a setting and write a fractured fairytale. I chose Cinderella and Mount Everest. Here’s my attempt:


Cinderella slumped on her bed and reached for her travel book.

She wasn’t like her step sisters.

While they dreamed of dark, handsome strangers, Cinderella dreamed of stark, fearsome ranges.

While they wished for expensive, showy jewels, Cinderella longed for expansive, snowy views.

She flicked through the well-thumbed pages until she reached Mount Everest.

“One day,” Cinderella whispered.

Just then, there was a flash of light. An outline appeared at her door…

Cinderella gasped. “Are you my…?”

“I am your hairy big brother!”

“But… I thought you were away climbing mountains?”

“I’ve come back for you… Cinderella, you SHALL go to Nepal.”

Hairy big brother tossed over some mountain boots.

“Quick, see if these fit, our carriage awaits.”

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