The Mix ‘n’ Match Mini Writing Challenge – Week 7

It’s the final week! I will miss these mini writing challenges. This week’s prompt was to choose from a list of superpowers and a list of objects and write a short story that includes both. I chose time travel and the sun.

Marty the Fly

This is the story of Marty the Fly,

Who traveled through time in the blink of an eye,

Everyone Marty so happened to meet,

Would hear of the housefly’s spectacular feat:

“It’s when I reach twenty-eight miles per hour,

That’s when you will witness my super-fly power.

I disappear – FLASH – to a time long ago,

Then reappear – CRASH – and you never would know.”

But Marty the Fly found that life was the same;

Houseflies have always been far down the chain.

Whatever the year, however far back,

He’d always get hunted as somebody’s snack.

So, Marty buzzed off to the future instead,

And what he discovered will fill you with dread,

The future that Marty the Fly had unfurled,

Had robotic flies that were ruling the world.

So, Marty the Fly, he of course chose to stay,

He lived like a king for the rest of his days,

Buzzing about with his cyber-fly queen,

In the sizzling sun, Twenty-one Seventeen.

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