The Bare Bones Bash – Fall Writing Frenzy entry

Here is my entry to the 2020 Fall Writing Frenzy Contest. The word count is exactly 200 words and my chosen image is below.


Tonight’s the annual ‘Bare Bones Bash’,

Where skeletons dance to the Monster Mash,

And devour spare ribs with lashings of sauce,

(Served on the finest bone china, of course).

But poor Mona Jones has an ache in her bones.

“I’ve nobody to go with,” she says with a groan.

“But Mona,” says Mama. “That’s the whole point.

No flesh or blood is allowed in the joint.”

“No, silly Mama! I’ve no friends, I mean.

I’m the loneliest soul on the skeleton scene.”

“Oh, Mona,” says Mama. “You must go alone.

You’ll find someone there; I can feel in my bones.”

So, Mona departs for the bash feeling brave,

And as she is rattling past an old grave,

She spies someone lurking behind the tombstone,

A skeleton shivering, cold and alone.

“Why are you loitering there?” calls out Mona.

The skeleton whispers: “I feel such a loner.

I’ve no-one to go to the bash with, you see.”

So, Mona replies… “You should come there with me!”

Two skeletons stride to the bash, hand in hand,

And dance the whole night to the Boogie Man band.

Mona has found a true friend of her own.

Never again will she feel all alone.

27 thoughts on “The Bare Bones Bash – Fall Writing Frenzy entry

  1. There are so many great jokes and puns in this Sue – it’s great fun to read! I loved the ‘spare ribs with lashings of sauce’ and ‘rattling past an old grave’!

  2. Such a sweet and insightful story with delicious imagery (“lashings of sauce”!!!), a great sense of humor (“bone china” Ha!), and a wonderful life lesson about reaching out to others. @AnneLipton

  3. I also liked the clever word play. Great job Sue. I had notes swirling through my head, you were so descriptive, painting a relatable story, that was also fun, Thanks for the happy ending, I needed that. Good luck. Stay well!

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