The Skeletons’ Masked Ball – Halloweensie entry

I couldn’t resist having a second attempt at the Halloweensie contest – as you are allowed to enter more than once. I thought I’d write something completely different to my first entry and came up with this fast paced rhyming piece…

The Skeletons’ Masked Ball (50 words)

Skeletons’ Masked Ball, 

Having a blast, all 

Skeletons dancing, 

Skeletons prancing, 

Skeletons moving, 

Skeletons grooving, 

Skeletons leaping, 

Skeletons creeping, 

Skeletons jumping, 

Skeletons bumping, 

Skeletons hopping, 

Skeletons bopping, 

Skeletons munching, 

Skeletons crunching, 

Skeletons drinking, 

Skeletons clinking, 

Skeletons swilling, 

Skeletons spilling, 

Skeletons slipping, 

Skeletons tripping, 

Skeletons tumbling, 

Skeletons crumbling, 

Pile of bones. 

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