Little Elf – Holiday Contest entry

Here’s my entry to Susanna Leonard Hill’s Holiday Contest 2020. Last year I was lucky enough to come fourth overall – fingers crossed the judges like this year’s effort!

Little Elf (244 words)

Early in December, Little Elf received a scroll,

Your application’s been approved. 

Report to the North Pole!

“I got the job!” squeaked Little Elf. “I didn’t think I would.

Christmas Elf-in-training…. Oh, but what if I’m no good?”

Little Elf got straight to work, assembling toys with glue…

But – YUCK! – her pinky-tips got stuck, it was a right to-do!

She moved along to wrapping gifts, which wasn’t quite so sticky…

But Chief Elf took one look and told her: “Santa’s rather picky.”

So, Little Elf tried piling up the parcels in a stack…

But had a bit of bother when they





“That’s it, I quit,” cried Little Elf. “I’m no help whatsoever.

I might as well start heading home, I am the WORST elf ever.”

But just as she was setting off, she heard a mighty yell…

Santa ran into the room: “Poor Rudolph isn’t well!”

Little Elf edged forward and asked: “May I lead the flight?

I’d like to help with something… perhaps I’d get this right.”

So, Little Elf took Rudolph’s place and guided Santa’s sleigh,




and East to West,

they worked ‘til break of day.

“Oh, Little Elf,” cried Santa, once the present stash was clear.

“You’ve saved the day. You really are the greatest stand-in deer!

You’ve been so kind, but please – you must be kinder to yourself.

Guess what?

You’ve passed your training!

You are now a Christmas Elf!”

14 thoughts on “Little Elf – Holiday Contest entry

  1. I am so glad Little Elf found his niche! And I actually thought he was going to act more life the veterinarian, so good job offering the unexpected. Good luck in the contest!

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