Shelly and the Path of Peril – Valentiny entry

It was Valentine’s Day and Shelly had woken up super early.  

She was off to deliver a secret message to Saul, the special snail in her life. 

“I’m so excited!” she squeaked. 

But there was a problem.  

To get to Saul, Shelly had to cross the dreaded PATH OF PERIL.  

Many a snail had tried and failed to cross it safely. 

Shelly took a deep breath and slid cautiously onto the path…  


A ginormous muddy boot thumped down beside her. 

“Yikes! That was close.” Shelly shrieked. “But I MUST be brave…” 

She slithered slightly further…   


Super-spinny stroller wheels sped past. 

“Eeeeeek! I don’t like this one bit.” Shelly squealed. “But I MUST be brave…” 

She slipped a smidgeon further… 


Big bicycle wheels belted by. 

“Ahhhhhhh! This is awful.” Shelly screeched. “But I MUST be brave…” 


Oh no…! 

“Phew! Just someone stepping on a dry leaf,” Shelly sighed.  

Slowly but surely, she reached the other side. 

Shelly slid unseen to Saul’s step and left a silvery snail trail outside:  

To my Saul mate – will you be my Valentine? 

Feeling pleased with herself she slithered out of sight.  

But then her tentacles trembled as a terrible thought crossed her mind… 

“Oh no, now I’ve got to get home!” 

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