Too Chicken – Valentiny entry

Hartley’s Farm was strewn with streamers and brimming with balloons. 

“It’s Valentine’s Day,” said Rooster. “The day to tell someone special that you care.” 

“There is someone special,” replied Chicken. “But I’d never be brave enough to tell them.” 

“Why not?” asked Rooster. 

“I’m too… well, chicken,” sighed Chicken. “I wish I had some of your bravery. While I cower at the back of the coop, you’re up front wowing the crowd. You could have your pick of any poultry here.” 

Rooster returned to Chicken a little later. 

“I have something for you,” he said. “Happy Valentine’s Day.” 

“For me?” Chicken blushed. She took the small bag and tugged at the bow with her beak. 

“It’s empty!” she chuckled, peering inside. 

“It’s some of my bravery,” replied Rooster. 

Chicken looked confused. “But I can’t see anything.” 

“Bravery isn’t something you can see,” said Rooster. “You just have to really, really believe it’s there.”  

“How?” asked Chicken. 

“Take a deep breath,” said Rooster. “And tell yourself over and over: I’m braver than I think.” 

“I’m braver than I think,” repeated Chicken and then, blushing again, she leant over and gave Rooster a peck on the cheek.  

“Thank you,” she cooed. “You really are so special…  

Oh wow, I guess that means it’s working already!”  

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