Team Green and the Spring Show – Spring Fling Entry

Team Green and the Spring Show 

(150 words)

The stage was set for the pond’s Spring Show.  

The Pondlife were gathered, ready to go. 

Team Green were warmed up for the Frog Karaoke 

When suddenly Charlie’s voice went all UN-croaky. 

“How could this happen?” he said with a squeak. 

“I’ve gargled with tree sap for over a week!”  

“We need a replacement,” cried lead singer, Joe. 

“Is there a frog not involved in the show?” 

Someone edged forward. “I could join in? 

I’m not in the show and I do love to sing.” 

“But you’re not a frog,” sneered Joe in retort. 

“A common old toad – with wart upon wart.” 

Charlie leapt in, pulled his bandmate aside. 

“You want to perform…? Then swallow your pride!” 

Team Green took in Toad; their harmonies wowed. 

“AMAZING! BRAVO!” Came the cheers from the crowd. 

“Sorry I jeered,” confessed Joe, feeling small. 

“You saved our Spring Show…  

Yes – warts and all!” 

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[Author’s note: In nature, male frogs and male toads have very distinctive, but very different, mating calls. In Springtime, when the frogs and toads are ready to find a female friend, they use their unique call to attract the most suitable partner.]

16 thoughts on “Team Green and the Spring Show – Spring Fling Entry

  1. Such inventive, original wordplay! I love Team Green, Pondlife (as one word!), and Karaoke/croaky. Great story arc, too.

  2. Too funny! I wrote a frog story as well with a nod to the toad, but yours went in a toad-ally different direction. Well done and good luck!

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