The Mix ‘n’ Match Mini Writing Challenge (Take 2) – week 1

Susanna Leonard Hill has brought back her 7-week writing challenge for its second year! Each week she posts a writing prompt that should be used to write a 100-word (or there-abouts) story. This week, writers had to pick a word from column A (I used Henry) and a word from column B (I used Hobby) to create the title ____ Needs A ____. Here’s my piece (I went WAY over 100 words – oops!)


Henry the leopard
Was feeling quite sad.
“I’d like a fun hobby,”
He said to his dad.

“I’ve something in mind,
Do you think there’s a chance,
That you would agree to me…
Taking up dance?”

“DANCE?!!” roared his father,
Us leopards, we RUN!
That’s how we have fun.

And if you are bored,
Try counting your spots,
Or join them all up
Like they’re big dot-to-dots.”

Henry slunk off,
He headed to town,
The thought of THOSE hobbies,
Was getting him down.

He walked past the sports shop,
And to his surprise,
Captured his eyes…

A leopard-shaped leotard!
Sequined and bright!
He tried it straight on,
And it felt OH-SO right.

“I’ll take it,” said Henry.
“I’ve saved up all year.
These stripes are FANTASTIC,
They bring me such cheer!

I’ll ZUMBA with Zebra,
GYRATE with Giraffe,
Do CHA-CHA with Cheetah,
We’ll have such a laugh!”

When Henry got home,
His dad was NOT pleased,
But Henry’s huge smile,
Helped his anger ease.

“I know,” Henry said,
“This is not what we DO.
But who makes the rules?
Who says that is true?

Keep running and hunting, Dad
Do dot-to-dots,
But don’t ever think,
Leopards can’t change their spots!”

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