The Mix ‘n’ Match Mini Writing Challenge (take 2) – week 3

Week 3 of the Mix ‘n’ Match Mini Writing Challenge is an illustration prompt. The picture is of a rabbit and two squirrels. Susanna’s brief is to write a 100ish word story based on the illustration: one of the featured characters must have a secret and a word from each of three columns must be included too. I chose the words BRIDGE, PICNIC and STRAWBERRY TART.

Ruth’s Birthday Surprise 

Sammy and Simon scampered to where Ruth was waiting. 

“Your birthday picnic’s ready,” said Simon. “With all your favourite food.” 

“There are lettuce chips, acorn fritters, and for pudding a delicious carrot-…” 

“Sssshhh, Sammy!” Interrupted Simon. “That’s a surprise.” 

Ruth blushed. “Thank you, you’re very kind,” she said. “But I have something to tell you.” 

“What?” asked Sammy. 

“I can’t stand carrot cake,” she whispered. 

Sammy looked disappointed. 

“You must think we’re terrible friends,” he said, as they crossed the bridge. “But what I was about to say was… a delicious carrot-FREE strawberry tart! Of course, we know you hate carrots!” 

Simon pushed aside the bushes to reveal a group of animals. 


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