The Mix ‘n’ Match Mini Writing Challenge (Take 2) – Week 5

For week five of the Mix ‘n’ Match Mini Writing Challenge, I chose the concept ‘Numbers/Counting’ and paired it with the setting of ‘Circus’:

Circus Countdown 

(150 words / Concept: Numbers / Setting: Circus) 

TEN tight-rope walkers strutting down the line,  

One wobbles over, then there were… nine.  

NINE strong ladies, heaving up a weight,  

One crashes downwards, then there were… eight.  

EIGHT white ponies, plumage sent from heaven,  

One bolts towards the door, then there were… seven.  

SEVEN crazy clown-folk, getting up to tricks,  

One slips on custard-pie, then there were… six.  

SIX men trapezing, feeling so alive,  

One swing is slowing down, then there were… five.  

FIVE bold acrobats, dancing ‘round the floor,  

One is getting weary, then there were… four.  

FOUR fire-jugglers, spinning skillfully,  

One baton hits the ground, then there were… three.  

THREE excited children, with a ringside view,  

One has fallen fast asleep, then there were… two.  

TWO human cannon balls, shooting to the sun,  

One is tangled in the roof, then there was… one.  

ONE giant circus tent, known as the Big Top,  

Doors are closing for the day, now it’s time to…   


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