The Mix ‘n’ Match Mini Writing Challenge (take 2) – week 7

We’ve reached the end of the Mix ‘n’ Match writing challenge. It has been a fun 7-weeks and I shall miss waking up on a Monday morning to the fun prompts. Here’s my entry for the final week, in which we had a choice of beginning, ending and onomatopoeia.


Ava was all ready for the beach.
“Bucket – check.
Spade – check.
Swim suit – check.
Towel – check.
Blow-up alligator – ch…”


“Mum, my alligator’s hissing at me!”
“It’s punctured,” said Mum. “We’ll have to leave it behind.”
“Noooo… Mum, I can’t go in the sea without my inflatable,” sobbed Ava.
“Do you want to go to the beach or not?” asked Mum, impatiently.
Ava crossed her arms. “I do, but not without my alligator.”
“Suit yourself,” said Mum, getting in the car. “Me and your brother are going anyway.”
Ava huffed
and puffed
and stomped her feet,
but eventually…
“OK, fine… see you later, alligator,” she sighed, joining her brother in the back.

The moment Ava arrived at the beach, she bounded into the waves.


“This is so much fun!” squealed Ava.
“I knew it,” said Mum. “See, you should never let an alligator get in the way of your plans!”

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