Is it Time? – Halloweensie entry

I have been eagerly awaiting this year’s Halloweensie contest after receiving an honourable mention for my entry in 2019. This year’s brief was to write a 100 word halloween story that includes the words skeleton, mask and creep (or variations of). Here is my attempt: Is it Time? (87 words) Ben secured his mask in […]

the halloween hop – halloweensie

In October last year, I entered Susanna Hill’s Halloweensie contest. The brief was to write a 100 word halloween story for kids using the words potion, cobweb and trick. This is my entry: The Halloween Hop It was time for the yearly Halloween Hop,   The frogs had all gathered, ready to bop.   When quite out […]

ghost story

It’s that time of year again, Halloween is upon us, so to celebrate here’s a ghost story in 154 characters: An eerie chill sweeps over me. I open my eyes to see a ghostly figure, hovering. From within: a piercing scream. Then the train stops and I exit the ride.

a walk to the pear tree in late october

Here’s a poem I’ve written for Halloween week on Chef’s Kiss! The light from a misty autumn moon, Gives the graveyard an eerie glow. Skeletal trees cast creepy shadows, That linger on mossy headstones. Unforgiving is the chilly air; Slicing viciously through bare flesh. Footsteps resonate silent streets, A siren shrieks by like a banshee. […]