The Mix ‘n’ Match Mini Writing Challenge (take 2) – week 6

We’re almost at the end of Susanna Leonard Hill’s 7-week writing challenge. This week’s brief was to choose two characters and an emotion. Here’s my entry: The Chosen One(106 words.Emotion: Jealousy) Rosie felt green with envy.How would anyone choose her when she was stood next to Dylan?In-demand Dylan with his sturdy legs, strong torso and […]

The Mix ‘n’ Match Mini Writing Challenge (Take 2) – Week 5

For week five of the Mix ‘n’ Match Mini Writing Challenge, I chose the concept ‘Numbers/Counting’ and paired it with the setting of ‘Circus’: Circus Countdown  (150 words / Concept: Numbers / Setting: Circus)  TEN tight-rope walkers strutting down the line,   One wobbles over, then there were… nine.   NINE strong ladies, heaving up […]

Shelly and the Path of Peril – Valentiny entry

It was Valentine’s Day and Shelly had woken up super early.   She was off to deliver a secret message to Saul, the special snail in her life.  “I’m so excited!” she squeaked.  But there was a problem.   To get to Saul, Shelly had to cross the dreaded PATH OF PERIL.   Many a snail had tried […]

Little Elf – Holiday Contest entry

Here’s my entry to Susanna Leonard Hill’s Holiday Contest 2020. Last year I was lucky enough to come fourth overall – fingers crossed the judges like this year’s effort! Little Elf (244 words) Early in December, Little Elf received a scroll, Your application’s been approved.  Report to the North Pole! “I got the job!” squeaked […]