Team Green and the Spring Show – Spring Fling Entry

Team Green and the Spring Show  (150 words) The stage was set for the pond’s Spring Show.   The Pondlife were gathered, ready to go.  Team Green were warmed up for the Frog Karaoke  When suddenly Charlie’s voice went all UN-croaky.  “How could this happen?” he said with a squeak.  “I’ve gargled with tree sap for […]

Shelly and the Path of Peril – Valentiny entry

It was Valentine’s Day and Shelly had woken up super early.   She was off to deliver a secret message to Saul, the special snail in her life.  “I’m so excited!” she squeaked.  But there was a problem.   To get to Saul, Shelly had to cross the dreaded PATH OF PERIL.   Many a snail had tried […]

Too Chicken – Valentiny entry

Hartley’s Farm was strewn with streamers and brimming with balloons.  “It’s Valentine’s Day,” said Rooster. “The day to tell someone special that you care.”  “There is someone special,” replied Chicken. “But I’d never be brave enough to tell them.”  “Why not?” asked Rooster.  “I’m too… well, chicken,” sighed Chicken. “I wish I had some of […]

after the storm – #50preciouswords

Here is my entry to Vivian Kirkfield’s #50PreciousWords writing contest. The rules are simple: write a story for children in 50 words or under. After the Storm (47 words) WEATHER WARNING! Drops dripping, Storm stewing, Plops plipping, Wind whipping, Lightning lashing, Rain raging, Thunder thrashing, Clouds crashing, Sky scowling, Heavens heaving, Gust growling, Storm slowing, […]

shelly & saul – Valentiny

This Valentine’s Day, Susanna Hill once again ran her Valentiny contest. The brief was to write a Valentine’s story for children in 214 words or under, with the theme of ‘curiousity’. I had such fun writing my rhyming entry, and I was thrilled to receive an honourable mention for it: ‘we liked it but it […]

santa’s selfie – holiday contest

This was my second entry into Susanna Hill’s Holiday Contest last December. It was actually a reworked version of quite an old piece. It didn’t place anywhere or receive a mention, but I was proud of it nonetheless! Santa’s Selfie It’s the night before Christmas, the house is all quiet, Mum and Dad are sound […]