The Mix ‘n’ Match Mini Writing Challenge (take 2) – week 6

We’re almost at the end of Susanna Leonard Hill’s 7-week writing challenge. This week’s brief was to choose two characters and an emotion. Here’s my entry: The Chosen One(106 words.Emotion: Jealousy) Rosie felt green with envy.How would anyone choose her when she was stood next to Dylan?In-demand Dylan with his sturdy legs, strong torso and […]

The Mix ‘n’ Match Mini Writing Challenge (Take 2) – Week 5

For week five of the Mix ‘n’ Match Mini Writing Challenge, I chose the concept ‘Numbers/Counting’ and paired it with the setting of ‘Circus’: Circus Countdown  (150 words / Concept: Numbers / Setting: Circus)  TEN tight-rope walkers strutting down the line,   One wobbles over, then there were… nine.   NINE strong ladies, heaving up […]

Team Green and the Spring Show – Spring Fling Entry

Team Green and the Spring Show  (150 words) The stage was set for the pond’s Spring Show.   The Pondlife were gathered, ready to go.  Team Green were warmed up for the Frog Karaoke  When suddenly Charlie’s voice went all UN-croaky.  “How could this happen?” he said with a squeak.  “I’ve gargled with tree sap for […]