The Mix ‘n’ Match Mini Writing Challenge (take 2) – week 6

We’re almost at the end of Susanna Leonard Hill’s 7-week writing challenge. This week’s brief was to choose two characters and an emotion. Here’s my entry:

The Chosen One
(106 words.
Emotion: Jealousy)

Rosie felt green with envy.
How would anyone choose her when she was stood next to Dylan?
In-demand Dylan with his sturdy legs, strong torso and smirking smile.
Stood next to her, rotten Rosie, with her lopsided limbs, raggedy clothes and straggly hair.
There was no contest. She was doomed to be overlooked forever.
Rosie sagged sadly. Next to her, Dylan towered tall.
Suddenly someone nudged Dylan aside.
A beaming face was looking at Rosie and pointing.
Rosie heard a voice: “She’s perfect!”
And, just like that, Rosie Ragdoll was being whisked off to the toyshop till,
while Dylan Dinosaur was left stood on the shelf.

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